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World Earth Day 2024: When is Earth Day?
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World Earth Day 2024: When is Earth Day?

Mayıs 22, 2024 12:55
World Earth Day 2024: When is Earth Day?



World Earth Day 2024: When is Earth Day? Date, theme, history, significance, activities to do, why do we celebrate it.

World Earth Day 2024: World Earth Day falls on April 22. It reminds us of the importance of environment conservation. Know its date, theme, history, and more.

World Earth Day 2024: Earth Day is an annual event observed across the globe to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Earth Day reminds citizens of the world of the importance of environment conservation and sustainability, encouraging us to come together and take action for a healthier planet and brighter future. The day raises awareness and inspires change, fostering a deep connection with nature.

World Earth Day 2024 Date and Theme:

The annual event of World Earth Day falls on April 22. This year, it falls on Monday. The theme for World Earth Day 2024 is Planet vs Plastics. The theme aims to bring attention to the serious issue of plastic pollution and how it harms nature. For Earth Day 2024, EARTHDAY.ORG aims to end plastic for planetary health and demands a 60 per cent reduction in the production of all plastics by 2040.

World Earth Day 2024 History and Significance: Why do we celebrate it?

The origin of Earth Day can be traced back to 1970. The idea behind the event originated from Gaylord Nelson, a US senator, and Denis Hayes, a Harvard student. They were both deeply disturbed by the deteriorating environment in the United States and the massive January 1969 oil spill in Santa Barbara, California. Deeply disturbed by the environmental impacts, he wanted to infuse the energy of student protests into an emerging public consciousness about air and water pollution. He recruited Denis Hayes, a young activist, to manage the campus teach-ins and to scale the idea of environment conservation to a broader public. They choose April 22, a weekday between Spring Break and Final Exams, to increase student participation. Its immediate success was evident with a massive turnout of 20 million people across the US.

By 1990, Earth Day became a global event transcending national borders. The day holds significance as it shifts our perspective, prompting us to see ourselves not separate from nature but intricately connected. It encourages humans to make small changes in our daily lives, supporting environmental causes and contributing to a more sustainable future.

World Earth Day 2024 Activities To Do:

Since Earth Day raises awareness about protecting our planet, you can engage in various environment-related activities to make the day special. You can pledge to avoid using plastics in your home, go on nature walks, make lifestyle changes that reduce your carbon footprint, educate your family and friends on ways to save the environment, and more. You can also learn the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle and practise them in your lifestyle.

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